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Unconfirmed reports say Yemane Gebreab the Eritrean Head of Political Affairs and Presidential advisor, has been detained in U.S.A Senior mem

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Senior member of the Eritrean government, Mr. Yemane Gebreab who is the head of the PFDJ regime in Eritrea was allegedly arrested in the United States. The news which was originally published by one of the biggest Eritrean opposition website, Asmarino indicated he might have been detained by the police department of Arlington city.

Social media outlets are also reporting the same news. The incident took place in a double Tree Hotel located in DMV Washington DC area.

The Asmarino news says thousands of Eritreans who reside the same city and surrounding cities have been calling the Double Tree Hotel, members of the Arlington city council, the U.S.A State Department and the Arlington city police to inform them about Mr. Yemane and his collogues.

Yemane Gebreab and another minister were supposed to conduct public seminar with members of the Eritrean community there. Source ( Tigraionline)

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