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Ninety-five percent of arrested Saudi figures willing to make a deal, says report

November 26, 2017 2:14 pm Published by


According to the news information, prominent Saudi figures, including royal families as well as high profile businesses men are in discussion with authorities to make deal for their release. There are reportedly   about 200 of Saudis’ elites are being held in the palatial Ritz- Carlton Hotel in Riyadh. Among them 11 princes including Nephew’s of Crown prince Mohamed bin Salmon are in the list.

The BBC’s   Lyse  Doucet was the first  journalist   to be allowed to   visit   the luxury hotel  ever since the unpleasant incident occurred.  They have been accused of corruptions, abuse of powers and money laundry. According to the BBC journalist, as far as concerned detention center, this one is beyond no compare:  Luxury swimming pools, restaurants, Gyms, everything   here is glittering.   Members of the royal families and the accused   businessmen at first thought that this was just a show. They did not consider it for last, when they   realized that they were stay for long they all were so furious.   Now  the report came out that almost  every  one ( 95%  of them ) cane into   consensus  with  the  government  to  pay substantial  amount of money in order  to get  out   from the  here . Some unconfirmed   reports stated that   the Saudi government wanted them to pay   at least 70 % of their asset.

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