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Former Party President turns into investor

November 21, 2015 12:51 am Published by

ኣቶ ልደቱ ኣያሌው ከፖሎቲከኘነት ወደ ኢንቨስትረነት ጉዞ ጀመሩ :: ተወልደው ባደጉበት በላሊበላ በ ስድስት ሽ ካሬ ሜትር የሆቴል ግንባታ መጀመራቸውን ያገኘነው ዜና ያስረዳል:: ዝርዝሩን ይከታተሉ….

The former leader of the moderate opposition party United Ethiopian Democratic Party (Medhin) Lidetu Ayalew purchased a 6,000 square metres land on the outskirts of Lalibela, a town famous for its rock-hewn churches and is planning on constructing a hotel.
Lidetu, who retired from his party leadership in 2011, plans to build a 50-room hotel, indoor swimming pool, spa and a restaurant. With some partners from abroad, Lidetu will start the construction located atop Mekane Lelit Mountain in few months’ time.
Lidetu said the project was a long-held dream, and added that he was a frequent visitor of the town, where he did his primary and secondary education. The establishment will be an addition to the town’s tourist facilities.
Lidetu entered into politics as a 23-year old man two decades ago. In 2000, he founded the Ethiopian Democratic Party of which he was secretary-general for six years and party president for five years. In 2005, he was responsible for public relations as well as assumed the role of vice-president for the oppositional coalition called Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD). His decision to join the parliament that same year while other colleagues were thrown into jail made him the bête noir of the Ethiopian politics. He served for five years in parliament, facing harsh criticism and controversy. Source ( Ethiopia Observer )

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