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Ethiopian Air Force Jets Attack key targets Inside Eritrea, Sources say

March 5, 2016 3:33 am Published by


Eritrean opposition media reports Ethiopian fighter jets attacked the Eritrean military base and Training center in Massawa. In a different news report  a small scale ship was attacked and it was on huge fire  near to the port city of massawa. it was unclear either it is bombed by fighter jets or  sudden consident.
There are no official statements from the governmets of Eritrea or Ethiopia so far. Usually the Eritrean government didn’t say anything when the Ethiopian government takes military action against it’s territory or military garrisons. The reason for that is because the people would demand retaliation and the government of Eritrea would not dear take one shot towards Ethiopia in an official capacity or it risks it’s own total demise.
The Ethiopian Government in April – May 2012 the gallant Ethiopian army took two separate military operations deep inside Eritrea killing hundreds and capturing many of them and shaebiya did not say a peep.

The Eritrean government has been getting bolder actions against the Ethiopian Nation lately. If there is no military action it would definitely get worst the time for military action is ripe right now. Last week Eritrea releases Kidnapped Ethiopians  to come back home. Eritrea usually kidnaps so many innocent peoples from Ethiopia.

Source ( SegenTube.com)

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